About Belotero® Revive

關於 Belotero® Revive 素妍針

Belotero® Revive is an innovative skin quality treatment that helps achieve optimal Skin Quality.1 The Bare Skin Glow Booster treatment works deeper than most topical skincare, delivering hyaluronic acid and glycerol directly into the skin for enhanced hydration and a healthy glow.2-4 A first of its kind, minimally invasive treatment, it boosts all aspects of skin quality and simplifies the beauty routine as the essential Step Zero™, the pre-skincare aesthetic treatment by Merz Aesthetics®.

Belotero® Revive 素妍針是一項創新的膚質治療技術,協助您輕鬆獲得理想中最佳膚質。1 REVIVE療程以玻尿酸及甘油直接注入肌膚,強化保濕能力使肌膚自然光澤,比市面上多數局部護膚療程更能達到深入作用。2-4 由 莫氏醫學美容 (Merz Aesthetics®) 研發的 Step Zero™ 護膚基底美容療程,是業界首創的低侵入性療法,全面提升膚質,簡化保養步驟。


About Step Zero™

關於 Step Zero™

Step Zero™ is at the heart of the Skinimalism and Prejuvenation philosophy to achieve optimal Skin Quality and enabling individuals to have time for priorities in their life.

Step Zero™ 源自於肌膚極簡主義和預防初老的核心理念,幫助每個人達到心目中最佳膚質,擁有更多時間完成生活中更重要的事情。


Step Zero™ is the pre-skincare aesthetic treatment by Merz Aesthetics® a minimalistic approach that lays the foundation for a beauty routine that is simple, more efficient, effective, and safe. It focuses on the essentials and streamlines the routine, helping patients save on time, money and effort while elevating the natural state of the skin. With Step Zero™, the skin’s inherent beauty is enhanced instead of masked, and its appearance and health are improved.

由 莫氏醫學美容Merz Aesthetics® 研發的 研發的 Step Zero™ 護膚基底美容療程,採用極簡方式,可為簡單、更有效率、成效顯著又安全的各種美容流程奠定基礎。專注於最精華的步驟,簡化保養過程,調理肌膚的自然狀況,也讓患者節省時間、金錢與精力。有了 研發的 Step Zero™ 護膚基底美容療程,提升肌膚自然光采,維持肌膚外觀和健康。


About Skin Quality


Good Skin Quality encompasses the presence of a radiant and healthy skin glow, evenness of skin tone, firmness of the skin, and smoothness of the skin’s surface.1


Belotero® Revive boosts all aspects of Skin Quality:

Belotero® Revive 素妍針全面提升膚質:

  • Glowing Skin – Healthy, radiant glow
  • 肌膚光澤 - 健康耀眼的光澤
  • Even Skin Tone – Bright, uniform complexion
  • 膚色勻稱 - 肌膚明亮一致
  • Smooth, Bouncy Skin – Supple and youthful
  • 肌膚彈性與光澤- 柔軟年輕
  • Refined Skin Texture – Smooth and hydrated
  • 膚質調理 - 滑嫩水潤


The Science Behind Belotero® Revive

Belotero® Revive 素妍針的專利技術

Belotero® Revive combines hyaluronic acid (HA) and glycerol to enhance the skin’s health and give it a youthful and radiant look.2,3 Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body to provide hydration and support to the skin. It can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Glycerol is another strong hydration agent that serves as a humectant to lock in moisture in the skin. The synergy of these 2 moisture powerhouses – hyaluronic acid and glycerol delivers strong, effective hydration, creating a lasting glow.3,4

Belotero® Revive 素妍針結合玻尿酸 (HA) 及甘油,使肌膚更健康,展現年輕動人光采。2.3 玻尿酸是由人體自然產生,為肌膚提供滋潤和支撐,能夠鎖住 1,000 倍重量的水分。甘油是另一種強力保濕因子,像保濕劑一樣鎖住肌膚水分。透過玻尿酸和甘油的雙重強效保水鎖水作用,保濕功效大幅提升,肌膚展現持久光采。3.4


The safety and efficacy of Belotero® Revive have been demonstrated in clinical studies that evaluated the product’s use in patients with early signs of sun-damaged skin. The results from these studies showed that Belotero® Revive3,4:

在臨床試驗中,使用 Belotero® Revive 素妍針,證實具有安全性及療效 。試驗結果顯示,Belotero® Revive 素妍針3,4

  • Improved skin texture for up to 7 months
  • 調理膚質長達 7 個月
  • Increased skin firmness for up to 6 months
  • 提升肌膚緊緻度長達 6 個月
  • Provided deep hydration for up to 9 months
  • 提供深度保濕效果長達 9 個月
  • Enhanced skin radiance* for up to 9 months
  • 強化皮膚光澤度*長達 9 個月

Overall, these studies demonstrated that Belotero® Revive provided significant improvements in skin texture, hydration, firmness and radiance, with a high level of patient satisfaction and minimal side effects.3,4

整體而言,研究結果顯示 Belotero® Revive 素妍針能明顯強化膚質、提升肌膚水潤、緊緻度、光澤,患者滿意度高,且副作用小。3.4


About Our CPM® technology 

關於我們的 CPM® 技術

Belotero® is a Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM®) hyaluronic acid filler range manufactured using Dynamic Cross-Linking Technology (DLCT). The cross-linking process is an essential stage in the manufacturing process of HA fillers. While the standard cross-linking process of most HA fillers only consists of three phases, Belotero® includes two additional phases.5 This gives the product unique properties that enable the HA to evenly distribute and seamlessly integrate into the skin6, while providing an optimal balance of cohesivity, viscosity, elasticity, and plasticity. This helps Belotero® Revive, containing the innovative patented CPM®-HA that is using DCLT, to deliver natural-looking results that look and feel just like the natural skin.5,6

Belotero® 是一種使用動態交聯技術 (DCLT) 製成的內聚性多密度 (CPM®) 玻尿酸填充劑。交聯過程是製造玻尿酸填充劑的重要環節。多數玻尿酸填充劑的標準交聯過程只包含三個階段,而 Belotero® 則包含另外兩個階段。5 如此一來,就能為產品賦予獨特性,讓玻尿酸能夠均勻分布,與肌膚組織高度融合6,達成內聚性、黏稠性、彈性與可塑性的最佳平衡。這種特性有助於含有使用 DCLT 的創新專利 CPM®-HA 的 Belotero® Revive 素妍針形成自然效果,外觀和觸感極致自然。5.6


About Belotero®

關於 Belotero®

Belotero® is a range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers designed for optimal tissue integration6. It is used primarily to fill out fine, moderate, and severe wrinkles and nasolabial folds, as well as to restore facial volume. The Belotero® portfolio has a versatile range of products that are tailor-made to adapt to different facial areas and injection depths. They can be used individually or in combination, depending on the skin´s structural and functional needs, to address multiple areas of concern. As of July 2023, Belotero® has shipped 15 million syringes worldwide, with over 200 publications to back the science and efficacy of the product.

Belotero® 是為了與肌膚組織高度融合的一系列玻尿酸皮下填充劑6,Belotero® 旗下的多元產品,為不同臉部區域與注射深度量身打造。根據肌膚的結構和功能需求,這些產品可個別或合併使用,解決不同區域的問題。截至 2023 年 7 月,Belotero® 已經向全世界出貨了 1,500 萬劑產品,有超過 200 篇文獻為產品的科學背景與成效佐證。